2018-11-5 写生活

  What is shown in the table above indicates that the statics of staff's job satisfaction in a certain company. According to the data above, we can conclude that the percentage of people who satisfied with their jobs is highest among those over 50 years old, at about 40%. In contrast, the percentage of people who not satisfied with their jobs is about 64% among those in their forties, the highest among all the three age group.

  Several primary causes that contribute to the above-mentioned phenomenon could be summarized as follows. On the one hand, staff members in their forties usually have to undertake a lot of responsibilities from both their families and their career. Meanwhile, they are even under pressure to pursue money, power, high social status, and so forth, which are all symbols of success. So they have the least satisfaction in their job. On the other hand , people over 50 years old generally have shifted their life goals from achieving the success to a relatively easy and comfortable life, and therefore are inclined to be much more satisfied with their jobs.

  Taking into account what has been argued, we can come to the conclusion that it is difficult for everyone to be content with their jobs. And it is advisable that companies should pay more attention to the welfare of their staff. 


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