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2018-11-11 写生活

  What is shown in the column chat above indicates that the statics of the market shares of certain brands in the domestic car market from 2008 to 2009. According to the data above, we can conclude that there was a marked jump of 8% from 25% to 33% in the market shares of Chinese brands. In contrast, that of Japanese brands declined significantly, by 10% from 35% to 25%. At the same time, the percentage of America brands remained steady.

  Several primary causes contribute to the above-mentioned phenomenon could be summarized as follows. On the one hand, advancements in science and technology have offered a technical foundation for the rapid development of the Chinese automobile industry by providing a material basis and technical means. Meanwhile, it's not difficult to notice that there days national automobile companies in mounting numbers have turned to price promotions to boost sales. On the other hand, the dishonest words and behaviors of Japanese automobile corporations such as Toyota in recent years have cheapened their image and finally ruined their reputation.

  Taking into account what has been argued, we can come to the conclusion that brands are intangible treasure. They amount to a product's or a company's reputation. Obviously, if the Chinese automobile industry wants to make a continuous profits, what it needs is to try promotions that will reinforce Chinese brands' images.


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