2018-12-5 写生活

  What is shown in the column chat above indicates that the statics of mobile-phone subscriptions from 2000 to 2008. According to the data above we can conclude that there was a marked jump of 3.5 billion from 0.5 billion to 4 billion in mobile-phone subscriptions in developing countries. In contrast, that of developed countries remained steady at just under 1 billion.

  Several primary causes contribute to the above-mentioned phenomenon could be summarized as follows. On the one hand, with the rapid increase in economic development happening in developing countries, the telecommunication industry in these countries expanded greatly to meet the demand of globalization. As a result, the user base of mobile phones which can narrow the distance between people and link the whole world together, grew at an incredible speed. On the other hand, the extremely advanced civilization of developed countries means less potential in many aspects including in the area of private telecommunication tools and they demand for further enlargement of such tools tends to saturate.

  Taking into account what has been argued, we can come to the conclusion that such phones are already extremely prevalent in both developing and developed countries, and even today continue to rise in popularity.


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