The warm automn in Changsha

2021-10-11 写生活

    These years more and more developing countries developed industry quickly. They costed much more carbon and forest than decades years ago.And they also put out much more greenhouse gases into the sky. The environment is now broken by people. So that the weather is becoming warm year by year.
    The warmer weather has caused a lot of changes in our city Changsha which compared with last year. The tree leaves are still green but not becoming yellow or falling off from the tree. There are a lot of peoples wear just T-shirt which should be presented in summer. What’s more, we still use air-condition to make us feel cold. Everyone feels amazing for the weather.
    Do you like cold or warm weather? We have to wear a lot of clothes to keep warm if the weather is cold, but it’s not necessary if the weather is warm. We can swimming, running, or playing basketball very easily while the weather is warm, but in the very cold days the favourite sports is just sleeping in the warm bed. On the other hand, too warm or too cold we all have to cost a lot of power to retain comfortable temperature by air-condition.
    If we feel bad while the weather is too warm or too cold, there’s no much more good mood to do anything like study or work. The best way to prevent that I think is to travel from the bad weather city to a good place. For example, lots of people is now visiting in Beijing where the weather is better than that in Changsha. You can also have a cup of cold juice while it’s too hot if there’s no plan to travel.


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